Frame Debt Management

Financing Documents Terms and Conditions

Comprehensive input and presentation of an unlimited number of terms from all entity formation and financing documents.  In-depth capture of financial covenants, reporting requirements, and extension, conversion and pre-payment terms.  Detailed tracking of financing participants supports comparative analysis of lender relationships by credit terms and spreads, covenant requirements, fees, and much more.  Financing document associated with system records for easy access and review.

Workflow Support

Workflow tools empower collaboration and support tracking and notification capabilities. Daily updates of upcoming portfolio tasks and reporting requirements within client-defined time horizons.  Activity reminders emailed and visually presented in custom views and calendars.  Users can create and assign workflow tasks to both internal staff and external parties if desired.

Data Visualization and Reporting

All data and system created processing information is available for visualization and reporting purposes.  Explore data with customizable interactive dashboards and visualization analysis.  View dashboards and reports on desktop, mobile or receive updated views via email.

Detailed Transaction Data Presentation

Extensive support of fixed or floating rate commercial loan structures, bond types, securitization or CMBS and hedging instruments such as interest rate caps or swaps.  View amortization or draw schedules, margin schedules, and call or extension schedules.  All floating rate indices include support for conversion options and embedded rate floors or caps.  Detailed set up of yield maintenance and defeasance terms and methods.

Analytic Capabilities

Sophisticated modeling and valuation tools support on-demand and scheduled calculation, workflow processing and reporting of valuation, accrual and cashflows for all supported instruments.  Calculate yield maintenance and defeasance valuations using actual loan terms.  Scenario analysis includes shifting NOI, property values, rates, margins, time or volatility assumptions and supports analytics to forecast future covenant outcomes.

Data Organization and User Access

Project information is organized to allow custom user access, from high level senior management views of all data to staff functional views organized by project groupings and/or system function.  Support provided to grant selective access to external partners such as investors, lenders, accountants or lawyers.